Tree does its best to bud

29042013 011

The animal fodder crisis has become a feed crisis because there is virtually no grass growing.
We would always plan for a four month winter but this year’s has already gone on for 6 1/2 months, more than 50 pc longer … though this is what some people have every year.

There is now a real concern for next winter’s fodder, as there is no grass growing back on paddocks that have been grazed out and the silage is very backward …. though it is hard to be thinking about next winter when animals are hungry today.
We are luck in that our suckler herd is autumn calving and the cows have been safely scanned in calf but it must be a major concern to get the breeding season going in spring calving herds.
Despite all the bad weather I couldn’t help smiling (a little) this morning to see a pair of mallards swimming around in a recently formed pond in one of our grazing fields.
Nature doing it best to keep doing was nature does best.