Ravishing Rowan

Ravishing Rowan

There is a say about how “nature provides”. I have never seen such a stunning display on the mountain ash! Wonder what this means for the winter!!!
Of course what I should be doing instead of skiving off taking photos of trees is working on my (short) speech for the launch of our book A year on our Farm next Monday night, September 9

4 thoughts on “Ravishing Rowan

  1. Hi Ann, just to say I’m really enjoying your book – I haven’t read it all yet but have dipped in and out and I’ll review it before the Ploughing Championships ( on my blog) – which tent did you say it will be on sale? Was it the Indo?
    My sympathies to you both on the death of your beautiful Rachel, I can only imagine how tough that must have been. You have two beautiful daughters in Sarah and Ruth and a thriving farm. Apart from being a lovely book to read, it’s a fabulous family history record for your daughters.

    • Oh Lorna, thanks so much for your kind words, of condolence and support. It was lovely to meet you on Monday; apologies I never asked how your own talk went, sorry!!
      Yes, I do hope that in time to come it will be something for the girls to look back on. One day last week, I said to 6-year-old Ruth that maybe in twenty years time, she might write something along the same lines, she said to me “oh Mammy, I wouldn’t remember what was happening now” What I meant was an updated version … but clearly we were on different wavelengths.
      Would be very grateful if you were to do a review on your blog. Yes, it will be on sale in the Farm Indo stand, priced at €15.
      thanks again, Ann

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