Link between Katie Taylor and Donal Walsh?

She says: A strong faith in God is a remarkable link in two of the most significant events involving Irish people in the past year; Katie Taylor winning the Olympic Gold Medal in Boxing and the selfless way in which Donal Walsh went about saving the lives of young people as his own live was being so tragically drained away

Katie Taylor has always spoke unashamedly of the importance of her faith and, in victory, did not forget her gratitude. The example of her victory and her modest lifestyle before and since have set her out as a person that the Irish nation and especially our children rightly admire.

When Donal Walsh first wrote of suicide, it was in a letter of anger and to his pals, urging them to see that there were always other options, from someone who wanted so much to live but had no choice in the matter.

There is no death worse than that of a child; sincere condolences to his family.

It is a testament to us that we as a people saw and responded to what he was saying. His remaining time was short but he had an impact on this world that most of us never will.

Were I knowingly faced with my own impending demise I think it highly unlikely that I would have the generosity and depth of spirit to turn it into something that has reportedly already saved lives and no doubt will continue to so. He has inspired a nation and gone a good way down the road to changing the mindset of a generation.

Neither Katie of Donal preached about the merits of one religion over another; what was important was God.

As the cancer drained away his life he remained angry but said it was something he would accept if it got across God’s message about the sanctity of life. Would that we would/could all find such moral leadership in our lives the whole world would/will be a better place.

Who among does not waste time out of every day, put things off until tomorrow, shelved spontaneous stuff for the time that never comes?

Donal Walsh has no more tomorrows but we do.